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Minor surgery doesn’t take much time and has little to no aftercare. At Advanced Family Medicine in Kuna and Boise, Idaho, Michael Foutz, MD, performs simple procedures in the office including vasectomies, foreign body removal, and laceration repair. To schedule an appointment and see if you need minor surgery, call Advanced Family Medicine or book an appointment online today

 Minor Surgery Q&A

What is minor surgery?

Minor surgery includes procedures that your physician can perform in the office. You don’t need to stay in a hospital, nor do you need to prepare yourself ahead of time for the effects of general anesthesia or a lengthy recovery process. 

Conveniently, you can get a plethora of minor surgeries at Advanced Family Medicine from providers who you already know and trust. They answer your questions about the minor surgery you need and offer local anesthesia to guarantee your comfort. 

If you need aftercare following a minor surgery, your provider lets you know what you’ll need to do and whether you should schedule another visit to follow up at Advanced Family Medicine. 

Which minor surgeries can I get?

The experts at Advanced Family Medicine specialize in performing common minor surgeries like:


Circumcision is a minor procedure to remove the foreskin from a baby’s penis shortly after birth. 


Vasectomy is a minor surgery that cuts the vas deferens, which are the tubes that carry sperm. The surgery is a form of male birth control. 

Minor skin surgery

Minor skin surgeries can remove warts, moles, and other growths as well as skin cancer lesions. 

Intrauterine device (IUD) insertion and removal

An IUD is a form of female birth control that stays in the uterus and prevents pregnancy for years at a time. Your physician at Advanced Family Medicine can insert or remove an IUD in the office. 

Laceration repair

Lacerations or cuts often need deep cleaning or stitches to repair the skin. 

Fracture care 

A fracture (broken bone) may need to be aligned before your provider immobilizes the bone with a cast or brace. 

Foreign body removal

If any object gets stuck in your ear, nose, skin, or eye, your provider at Advanced Family Medicine can remove it safely without it causing damage. 

How should I prepare for minor surgery?

Some minor surgeries require preparation while others don’t. According to the type of surgery you’re getting, your provider at Advanced Family Medicine advises you on what you’ll need to do. For example, you might need to stop taking certain medicines or supplements that make your blood thinner. 

To schedule a consultation for any minor surgery, call Advanced Family Medicine or book an appointment online today.