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By staying on top of your physical exams, you become more in tune with your health and find out when something is wrong early on. At Advanced Family Medicine in Kuna and Boise, Idaho, Michael Foutz, MD, offers physical exams for sports, commercial drivers’ licenses (CDL), and other purposes, as well as general annual physicals. To schedule your next exam, call the office or book online today.

Physical Exam Q&A 

What is a physical exam?

Physical exams are a cornerstone of preventive care and help you build a strong relationship with your primary care provider. During these visits, your provider records a general overview of your health and may perform a few tests, like blood lab work. 

There are a few reasons why you might need or want to get a physical exam, and Advanced Family Medicine covers all of them. They can tailor your physical exam according to your needs, including your age, gender, and reason for getting it. 

At the end of your physical exam, your provider makes recommendations for ways you can change your lifestyle to become healthier. They can also update your vaccinations or recommend further treatment or testing if you need it. When you regularly come to Advanced Family Medicine for physicals, your providers get to know you well. 

Which types of physical exams are available?

You can count on Advanced Family Medicine to be thorough with any type of physical exam and provide you with the proper documentation of your results. You may need a:

Sports physical

A sports physical is meant to assess your capability of participating in any physical activity. Many sports organizations and schools require a sports physical before you play. 

Department of Transportation (DOT) physical

A DOT physical is a prerequisite of getting your commercial drivers’ license. The results show your employer that you can safely operate your work vehicle, which also guarantees the public’s safety. 

Annual physical 

Annual physical exams are examinations you get every year for your own benefit. They give you an opportunity to check your health and ask health-related questions. 

What happens during a physical exam?

When you first arrive for your physical exam at Advanced Family Medicine, your provider asks questions about your medical history, current health, and typical behaviors. They start the exam by recording your height and weight as well as documenting your vital signs, like your blood pressure and heart rate. 

Physical exams can vary based on your age and the exam’s purpose. Your provider may also:

  • Listen to your heart and lungs using a stethoscope
  • Palpate your abdominal organs
  • View inside your ears, nose, and throat with a lighted scope
  • Look over your skin
  • Check your reflexes

Sometimes, physical exams include more steps. Your provider tells you if you need any screening tests based on your age and risk factors or if it’s time for any vaccination updates. 

To schedule your next physical exam, call Advanced Family Medicine or book an appointment online today.